Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides


Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides® will help you plan, shop for, and put together an easy-to-use, mix-and-match starter wardrobe and the many outfits from it. You’ll feel confident in your clothes in no time! Whether you’re "style-challenged" or just need to refresh your wardrobe, Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides® will make the process quick and simple! 

What women are saying...

"Thank you for making this awesome resource available to us for such a modest price. I have been able to shop my own closet for most of the core items and have been shocked to find that I didn't really need to invest too much money to look pulled together, I just needed a "how to".  :-) I already feel so much better about how I look. Thank you for all you do." - Rebecca

“This is FANTASTIC! I recently got a new job that requires business casual dress, and I was feeling totally lost at sea until I found your starter kit! Now I’m building a simple, remixable wardrobe that feels good and looks good. Thank you for all the great tips!” - Lauren


Let's make looking good EASY! Life is busy, and thinking about what to wear might be the last thing on your priority list. But, you want to look good. It just takes too much time! Sound familiar? Thousands of women have used Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides® to put themselves together and to feel good, fast. Now, it's your turn! Skip the overwhelm and start feeling put together today!

With the Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides®, you'll have a wardrobe that will have you dressed and feeling good in no time! 

Who loves these guides...

  • women who feel overwhelmed or clueless about style and just want someone to tell them what to buy, provide shopping links, and put them together into outfits
  • enjoy style but want someone to put it all together for you
  • women with a casual lifestyle who just need a few outfits but want to look and feel good
  • women who have gotten a new job or changed roles at work and need to develop a business casual wardrobe (look good on your first day!)
  • pregnant and breastfeeding women who don't want to buy huge new wardrobes for the temporary maternity season but want to feel good about what they're wearing (these guides are PERFECT for temporary life stages)
  • any woman who wants a shortcut to being put together!


"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I...get so overwhelmed and end up buying items that aren't as essential and feel like I still can't mix and match. This is brilliant! Makes it so much easier to know what to prioritise and buy, and still be able to get a reasonable number of mix and match outfits." - Faye

“Business casual outfit guide has changed my life! Now that I am back to my office, getting dressed is a breeze. Thank you for all you do!” 


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