Spring BUSINESS CASUAL 2nd Edition: Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide

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Spring BUSINESS CASUAL 2nd Edition: Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide
Spring BUSINESS CASUAL 2nd Edition: Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide
Spring BUSINESS CASUAL 2nd Edition: Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide
Spring BUSINESS CASUAL 2nd Edition: Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide

Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides® will help you plan, shop for, and put together an easy-to-use, mix-and-match starter wardrobe and the many outfits from it. You’ll feel confident in your clothes in no time! Whether you’re "style-challenged" or just need to refresh your wardrobe, Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides® will make the process quick and simple!

"I want to thank you for the work you are doing. I got into a fashion funk after having my two kids and working from home in yoga pants. I...bought your fall guide, and I'm having so much fun buying new clothes and feeling great again!" - Lisa

"I just perused over the business casual and OH MY are an answered prayer my love. I know I will feel and look more put together w/o stressing over my new role AND looking nice! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!!" - Belinda


Let's make looking good EASY! Life is busy, and thinking about what to wear might be the last thing on your priority list. But, you want to look good—it just takes too much time! Sound familiar? Thousands of women have used Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides® to put themselves together and to feel good, fast. Now, it's your turn! Skip the overwhelm and start feeling put together today!


  • Customizable Wardrobe-Building Strategy + Step-by-Step Plan for building a great, easy-to-use, and insanely versatile wardrobe. With just a few pieces (think 9 to 15), you'll have outfits for everyday life at work, Casual Fridays, and super important meetings or presentations. We do the thinking and strategizing so that you don't have to!
  • Clothing & Accessories List of key pieces for each season  and why they're helpful in your wardrobe 
  • Style Tips used by stylists to help you pull together outfits
  • Outfit Catalog with 35+ plug-and-play outfits for a variety of activities that you can make with your starter kit wardrobe
  • BONUS: Access to a complementary Shopping Guide with links to exact or similar pieces for straight and plus sizes so you can just add to cart! Note: Links are updated on a weekly basis during the 3 months of the current season

With the Business Casual Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides®, you'll have a work wardrobe that will take care of all your work needs!

“Business casual outfit guide has changed my life! Now that I am back to my office, getting dressed is a breeze. Thank you for all you do!”

Pssst...this is an updated edition from the original guides containing some similarities but many fresh outfits and a fresh shopping guide. 

    For more info on the guides, including the types of outfits inside the Business Casual guides, check out our FAQ page.

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