Fall CASUAL Wardrobe & Outfit Guide, 1st Edition

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Fall CASUAL Wardrobe & Outfit Guide, 1st Edition
Fall CASUAL Wardrobe & Outfit Guide, 1st Edition
Fall CASUAL Wardrobe & Outfit Guide, 1st Edition
Fall CASUAL Wardrobe & Outfit Guide, 1st Edition
Fall CASUAL Wardrobe & Outfit Guide, 1st Edition

Start each day feeling stylish and put together with less time, money, and stress.

Create an easy-to-use fall wardrobe and have ✨96 outfit ideas with just 28 pieces.

With this guide, you'll have a step-by-step process to create a functional mix-and-match wardrobe, new outfit ideas to help you wear what you own in different ways, and feel stylish and confident each day.


  • 51-page PDF guide with...
  • Wardrobe Checklist & List of Items with key building blocks for a great wardrobe and details about what to consider adding to your wardrobe. 
  • Customizable Step-by-Step Wardrobe-Building Guidance for building a great, easy-to-use, and insanely versatile wardrobe with pieces from your existing wardrobe. You'll learn how to use your favorite items, fill the holes in your closet, and build your best wardrobe yet. We do the thinking and strategizing so that you don't have to!
  • Outfit Calendar with 8 weeks of weekday outfits planned for you so that you can stop wearing the same outfit and make better use of your clothes, without having to think about what to wear.
  • Outfit Catalog with 96 outfit ideas that you can create with your small but mighty wardrobe. It includes Casual and Elevated Casual Outfits as well as Weekend looks.
  • BONUS: Access to a complimentary Shopping Link Database with links to exact or similar pieces for straight, plus sizes, and petite so that you can easily find stylish pieces recommended by stylists!

Getting dressed has never been easier!

What others are saying:

 "Whoa!!!!! 🤩 I love the checklist feature. But seriously, the guide is very comprehensive - well done!" - Nicole

"...just started working my way through the outfit guide & wardrobe guide. Omg they are incredibly amazing! Audrey, you clearly put in so much effort and they are just SO incredibly helpful (and beautiful!). It's so easy now to put an outfit together, and I also appreciate how the shopping links are pretty affordable. It's all just wonderful. Thank you!" - Laney

"So far this week, I've shopped my closet and worn three outfit combos I've never put together before." - Angie

"I find that the prompts push me to wear something I wouldn’t have otherwise. I love ’em" - Tiphanie

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