🍂Fall Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides Available for Casual & Work Looks!🍃

Business Casual: Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides


Starter Kit Guides are for people who are starting from scratch or close to it.  Rather than being overwhelmed trying to build a full wardrobe from scratch all at once, this guide will help you build a Starter Kit Wardrobe. A Starter Kit Wardrobe is a smaller collection of strategically chosen pieces that will work for you now and set you up to expand to a fuller wardrobe in the future. This way, you can rebuild your wardrobe slowly, in doable, bite-sized portions!


After talking with many women about business casual style, I can safely say this: the definition of it is all over the place. There is a wide spectrum of what constitutes an appropriate business casual outfit depending on a number of things such as your industry, geographical region, work environment, and role at work, to name a few. Some business casual environments are on the more relaxed end of the spectrum, where an outfit of nice jeans, a blouse, cardigan, and flats is totally appropriate. Others are a bit more formal, leaning towards business professional style, where outfits should consist of slacks or a tailored skirt with a blouse and blazer. For others, an outfit in between is perfect, like slacks or nice pants with a blouse, cardigan, and flats. In some environments, all of these may be appropriate depending on what is happening at work that day or what role a person is in.

To account for the variety on this spectrum, this Business Casual Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide will be centered around Level 2, and from there we will talk about how to adjust your wardrobe and outfits to be more relaxed or more formal.

For more in-depth reading on business casual style, see the blog post What Is Business Casual Style?” 


  • List of clothes and accessories to get your wardrobe started for the current season
  • Guidance for building a Business Casual wardrobe
  • First steps for building Elevated Business Casual and Dressy Casual sections of your wardrobe
  • 30+ Outfit Ideas from 14-16 articles of clothing, 4-5 accessories, and 3 pairs of shoes!
  • Style Tips to learn to put together the outfits
  • Shopping links in an online guide to exact or similar pieces.  Plus size options available.
**Shopping links are updated weekly during the 3 months of the current season, accordingly:
  • Spring: March, April, May
  • Summer: June, July, August
  • Fall: September, October, November
  • Winter: December, January, February

    If you buy a guide before a season begins, you will still receive access to updated shopping links once the season begins.