Business Casual: Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides


Want to look polished and professional at work, the EASY way? Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides provide you a roadmap to put together a highly versatile work wardrobe so that you can feel confident at work with less stress and more peace.

Whether you're starting completely from scratch or simply just want to make sure your wardrobe has the right pieces to become versatile and easy to use, Starter Kit Guides will help you build a cohesive wardrobe and teach you how to put everything together.

They guide you to build a starter kit wardrobe — so think, small— of strategically chosen pieces that pack a HUGE punch. You'll be able to make so many outfits from just a few pieces! You'll also get a plan for expanding to a larger wardrobe later on.

This is the shortcut to feeling cute and put together!

    These guides are great if you...

    • want to build your wardrobe on good, versatile pieces
    • want help building a cohesive wardrobe
    • whether you are completely starting from scratch or you already have a lot of clothes but want to whip your wardrobe into shape
    • don't want to spend a lot of money up front and still want to be able to create a lot of outfits 
    • want to be able to do MORE with LESS
    • don't have a clue about style and really wish someone would just tell you what to buy and how to make outfits
    • enjoy style but just don't want to think that hard about it (I'm with ya there! 😉)
    • want to build an easy-to-use wardrobe quickly, with wayyyyy less overwhelm, and without breaking the bank


    We know that the definition of "business casual" can be all over the place. In general, the Business Casual Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides help you build a wardrobe for these three levels, with the central focus on Level 2:


    From there, you will learn how to add a few select pieces to build out to Level 1 and Level 3, should you need to. 

    For more in-depth reading on business casual style, see our blog post What Is Business Casual Style?” 


    • List of clothes and accessories to get your wardrobe started for the current season
    • In Business Casual guides: guidance for building a Business Casual wardrobe (no jeans but not corporate suits either) and guidance to expand that same collection to Casual Friday outfits with jeans and Elevated Business Casual outfits (to look extra sharp for presentations or important meetings) with just a handful of additions.
    • A step-by-step strategy for how to put together your wardrobe
    • Style Tips to learn to put together the outfits
    • Outfit Catalog with 30+ Outfit Ideas from 14-16 articles of clothing and a handful of accessories and shoes
    • Shopping links in an online guide to exact or similar pieces for straight and plus sizes 
    **Shopping links are updated weekly during the 3 months of the current season, accordingly:
    • Spring guide: March, April, May
    • Summer guide: June, July, August
    • Fall guide: September, October, November
    • Winter guide: December, January, February

      If you buy a guide before a season begins, you will still receive access to updated shopping links once the season begins. 



      • women who feel overwhelmed or clueless about style and just want someone to tell them what to buy, provide shopping links, and put them together into outfits
      • enjoy style but want someone to put it all together for you
      • women with a casual lifestyle who just need a few outfits but want to look and feel good
      • women who have gotten a new job or changed roles at work and need to develop a business casual wardrobe (look good on your first day!)
      • pregnant and breastfeeding women who don't want to buy huge new wardrobes for the temporary maternity season but want to feel good about what they're wearing (these guides are PERFECT for temporary life stages)
      • any woman who wants a shortcut to being put together!


      Check out the guides below and choose the one that's right or you!


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